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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the self-checkout policy and how does it work? 


Atlanta Campus only

All books that fall under this policy will be located at the from of the library. The self-checkout policy was created to make the checkout process easier for you. 

The policy includes these categories:

Current & future textbooks- Red stickers --current semester textbooks will have white dot

Reserves (treatment planners)- Yellow stickers 

Counseling Reference- Blue stickers

Ministry Reference- Green stickers 

These categories are marked by different colored stickers--labeled above.

Books under these categories can only be checked out for two hours.

To check out the item, you will need to write your name and the date on the paper bookmark. Once you have done this, place the bookmark as a placeholder on the shelf. When you have returned it, mark out your name and return the book to the shelf.